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Your Regular Drills

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Officially first pay day! :)
At least, it's another motivation for one whole month. Hahaha!

Unit based orientation still going on.
But I rather working in ward. :p meh~
Having so much fun last few days while working. 
& I seriously got alot to say, just that idk how to to type out. 

Just remember, there's good and bad staff.
Don't expect everyone to be angel!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Today a day offffffff! Scream and shout!
Been working PM AM AM.
Truly tired. Hah!

So took my very first case on 11/06/13. 
I like how people impressed by me.  :p
Thank you to PRCP. Really shaped me into good nurse, SN I meant. 
Though different ward practicing different practice but I'm going to do what's correct.
That's the real thing.

Gradually increasing in the number of case I took. So far I taking 3 case.
They actually still think its better if I take junior's role and that's my thought too.
Preceptor just too on. Hmm.
Scared I cant manage jr's role when I need to do one. Sobs!

Friday, June 7, 2013

It's the officially ending for our orientation program! :)
Can the smiley face of everyone be seen after 3 months? Hahhaa!
Probation officially started! 

Assigned to follow my secondary preceptor today. Cause primary preceptor doing NIC.
Always getting this kind of luck.
Preceptor is either capable staff nurse or very senior staff nurse. #foreverNIC
So, did NG insertion with her but was done badly. IMPROVEMENT!
Alot of thing still blur here blur there. Getting confirm in 3 months is like a hard task. 
But who am I? Chong eh~ I CAN CONQUER IT! In your face~~~~~~~~~~

By the way, today is motivation day!
At least I'm motivated to work for one month till next motivation day! 
Motivation day = Pay day!

Shift work starting soon. I hope for tones of PM shift and night shift! Hahaha!
I need money~~~

Saturday, June 1, 2013

1st of June.
Slept in May. Woke up in June. Haha!

Basically, as a Sarawakian, today is a PH!
Selamat Hari Gawai to all my Iban friends!
It's like their new year.  

It's my working day cause I'm at Singapore. *smirk*
3rd week & I'm still having hard time.
I'm too scared to take case. OMG!
So, NIC put me as junior today but I need to guide one HCA.
How could I? I'm so stressss!!
Cause this is the time when delegation and management comes in.

I'm easily getting emotional and sad when I'm not satisfied with my performances.
Am I asking too much and causing myself to stressss? I think I'm.

In the process of learning..

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One of the big day of mine. It's Graduation Day!

I did it after 3 years. I'm officially graduated and becoming a Staff Nurse.
Thank you to my family for coming all the way from Miri to witness this memorable moment. :)
It's a tiring trip and really a costly trip.
I'm sorry that I'm unable to sponsor your stay here. 
At least we created some beautiful memory. xoxo

Monday, May 20, 2013

Alright. Look at the calendar, hmm. It's my 2nd week of working life started.
It's getting more and more busy with graduation coming up!
Not even find one formal wear for myself! :(
And Mom's thing also not yet settle all! Gah!
How am I gonna start to focus on probation?
Probably after next week then I can settle down and FOCUS!

Actually I'm excited to bring sis around Singapore.
I wanna show her this country. Lots of different stuff compared to our hometown. :)
I want her to grow up like kid here, some part of them I like.
Free to express but not until impolite kind. xD 
I want her to try lots of thing, I want her to be brave! It's hard!!!

Dang. Not yet pre-read for tomorrow!
Also not yet ready for going into wad tomorrow!
Gosh! Ta-ta!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Finally moved to new houseeeeeeee *fireworks*
Ehem, actually, it's just a room, common rooom. Sigh.
Why I say back to the starting.. Cause the location is Ang Mo Kio.
Hahahhaa. clap clap.
Glad that no need stay at someone house. That feeling, ugh!
Basically what we did is just moved all our stufffffff.
Cut off the moving part - the details.
Nothing important after all.
Is just the same, settle all stuff, its keep on repeating once we moved.
So, that's it!

Tomorrow, Monday, 130513. What a nice date!!!
Starting of my career as Staff Nurse. 
Be grateful cause you're helping all those in need.
Now, beside preparing myself for work.. I got to help my family who coming over two weeks later for my graduation to book hostel. We go for the cheapppppp place. Hahahahhaa.